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Los Angeles County
Aging & Disabilities Department

Welcome to LA County's newest department dedicated entirely to improve the lives and support the self determination of older adults, people with disabilities, and our diverse communities. 
The Los Angeles County Aging & Disabilities Department (AD) unites aging, disability, and community services previously part of the Chief Executive Office and the now dissolved Department of Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services. AD houses the LA County Commission for Older Adults and the Commission on Disabilities along with 14 local community hubs that provide a wide range of in-person services.

Please click HERE for more information on how to access the public hearings
Plese click HERE to access the Los Angeles County Aging & Disabilities Department 2020 -2024 Area Plan

Help starts here. Connect to support today.

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Virtual Older Adults Resource Hub

Click here to request access to food resources, caregiver services, legal assistance, supportive services, and more!

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Disability Information and Access Line 

Call 888-677-1199 Monday-Friday to order free at-home covid-19 tests, make vaccinations appointments, and more. 

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Local Community 

and Senior Centers

Stop by our 14 local community hubs to access in-person support, congregate meals, adult & youth programming, and more.  

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Report abuse. Call 1-877-477-3646, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report; reporting may be anonymous.

Los Angeles County 
Commission on Older Adults

LACCOA advocates, advises, and makes recommendations regarding the needs and welfare of LA County's older adult population to the Board of Supervisors and other County departments that provide services to seniors regarding their needs, health, well-being, and rights.


Click here to learn more. 

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Volunteer Driver Mileage Reimbursement

Our mileage reimbursement program provide mileage reimbursements to volunteer drivers, including family members, when no other transportation services exist or when an older or dependent adult is unable to use public transportation. 

Call 888-863-7411
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Adult Protective Services:
Home Safe 2.0

Older and dependent adults at risk of homelessness can receive the help they need to stay home. Contact APS to get help on security or utility deposits, rental assistance, past due bills, legal fees, reunification services, and more.  


Additional State & Local Resources

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