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In April 2021 through a historic motion by Supervisor Janice Hahn, the Board of Supervisors began the process to create a new County department dedicated to providing aging and disability services. As our first Director, I am proud to welcome you to the new  Los Angeles County Aging & Disabilities Department (AD)! 

I am humbled and honored by the Boards appointment to help improve the lives of older adults, people with disabilities, and communities throughout LA County. 

Dr. Laura Trejo, Director

Meet The Team

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 2.05.30 AM.png

Lorenza Sanchez

Chief Deputy 

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 2.07.26 AM.png

Anna Avdalyan

Assistant Director 

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 2.05.38 AM.png

Jose Perez

Admin Deputy

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