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Request for Proposals Supportive Services Program AAA-SSP-2324 RFP (Posted 3/15/2023)



  • AAA-SSP-2324 RFP

  • Appendix A (Sample Subaward)

  • Appendix B (Required Forms) Exhibits 1-5 and 7-8

  • Appendix B (Required Forms) Exhibit 6 (Community Business Enterprise)

  • Appendix B (Required Forms) Exhibit 9 (Proposed Budget)

  • Appendix B (Required Forms) Exhibit 10 (Proposed Program Services)

  • Appendix C (Transmittal to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review)

  • Appendix D (Background and Resources - California Charities Regulation)

  • Appendix E (Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal)

  • Appendix F (County of Los Angeles Zip Code List)

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